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Eu Yan Sang use case for people counting | 余仁生计算人数的用例
Eu Yan Sang
Yú Rénshēng is a well-known Chinese medicine brand that operates numerous stores in Hong Kong. Eu Yan Sang is committed to enhancing its performance and ensuring customer satisfaction. To achieve this goal, management needs accurate dynamic information on foot traffic and shopper behavior to enable them to make informed decisions and take necessary actions when needed. The FootfallCam people counting solution plays a key role in providing Eu Yan Sang with the necessary insights to make informed decisions. This technology increases transparency and provides better insights for decision-making,...
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AIRSIDE Mall recommending people counters | AIRSIDE MALL 推荐人专柜
AIRSIDE is the flagship project of Nan Fung Group, located in Kai Tak District. The 1.9 million-square-foot mixed-use commercial development includes a 32-storey Grade A office tower and a multi-level retail complex with linking underground shopping arcades. The FootfallCam people counting solution was instrumental in analyzing the complex’s dynamic traffic to optimize resource allocation and enhance customer experience. The FootfallCam people counting solution captures footfall and identifies the areas that generate the most footfall. This information helps to allocate the necessary resources...
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Smart ID Card Replacement Center
The Hong Kong government has issued a new identity card for all Hong Kong citizens, and every citizen must go to a designated smart identity card replacement center to replace the old identity card with the new one. However, due to the large population, it can be difficult to manage the crowd and ensure a smooth replacement process. To meet this challenge, the Hong Kong Immigration Department has implemented effective measures to control the influx of people and manage resources effectively. One of these measures is the installation of smart people counting sensors in different parts of the centre....
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