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Smart ID Card Replacement Center

The Hong Kong government has issued a new identity card for all Hong Kong citizens, and every citizen must go to a designated smart identity card replacement center to replace the old identity card with the new one. However, due to the large population, it can be difficult to manage the crowd and ensure a smooth replacement process.

To meet this challenge, the Hong Kong Immigration Department has implemented effective measures to control the influx of people and manage resources effectively. One of these measures is the installation of smart people counting sensors in different parts of the centre. These sensors track occupancy in the center and different areas in real time, allowing staff to closely monitor the situation and respond in a timely manner.

There are several benefits to using these sensors. By accurately tracking the number of people in the center, the Immigration Department can efficiently allocate resources, such as personnel and facilities, to different areas, reducing waiting time and improving the overall experience of visitors. Additionally, sensors can detect crowd overcrowding and prompt staff to take necessary steps to control the situation, ensuring the safety and security of all.

Implementing this technology improves manpower utilization, allowing staff to focus on more important tasks, such as assisting visitors and ensuring a smooth changeover process. Real-time data also enables better planning and decision-making, allowing the Immigration Department to optimize resources and improve overall efficiency.